Press Releases

Acron Group Announces Completion of Vertical Shaft Construction at Talitsky Mine
Verkhnekamsk Potash Company (VPC, a member of Acron Group) has completed construction of the skip shaft 1 and the cage shaft 2. The main contractor for the shaft works at the Talitsky mine is a Russian company FSUE Construction Department No. 30. 

The depth of the skip shaft is 414 metres and the depth of the cage shaft is 363 metres; their diameter is 8 metres. Skip and cage shaft sinking is a labour-intensive and complicated stage in the potash mine construction. The skip shaft is intended for transferring potash ore from the mine and supplying fresh air to the underground workings. The cage shaft is for transporting workers, equipment and materials to and from the mine, as well as for return airflow and emergency escape. 

VPC used artificial rock freezing method. This technique has proved to be the most reliable construction technique for potash shaft construction. 

VPC CEO Alexander Pupov thanked the constructors and contractors for successful conclusion of the work. ‘With this important stage completed, we can accelerate mine construction: from now on, we will carry out both underground and surface works. We still have a long way to go, but step-by-step we are getting closer to Acron Group’s strategic goal – launching KCl production’. 

Acron Group is developing a potash deposit in Perm Krai as part of its investment programme. The project is implemented by Verkhnekamsk Potash Company in Berezniki. The aim of the investment project is to build a new mining and processing complex with an annual capacity of 2 million tonnes of KCl.