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VPC Employees Receiving Sputnik V Jab under Vaccination Programme

Verkhnekamsk Potash Company (VPC), a member of Acron Group, has launched a voluntary vaccination campaign against COVID-19. The two-phase Gam-COVID-Vac vaccine known as Sputnik V is available to employees at the Health and Beauty Philosophy medical centre in Perm. Antibody testing is offered to employees involved in continuous production in the paramedic office at the Talitsky mine site prior to vaccination, and remote workers can opt to be tested individually.

The vaccine, administered in two stages, is designed to ensure a stable immune response in people aged 18 to 60 years, with antibodies generated after the first shot. High levels of Immunoglobulin G are recorded after the second jab, administered two weeks later. Sputnik V has been proven to be 94% effective.

As of 12 March 2021, most VPC employees had received both jabs, and some employees showed a stable immune response after being infected with COVID-19. Herd immunity at VPC currently stands at 70%.

VPC is giving employees two days of paid leave for each jab.

The VPC crisis centre continues to supervise and monitor the epidemiological situation and take measures to prevent the spread of infection.